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History of the “Heuriger”

July 25th, 2011

“Heuriger” is one of the most special and typical Viennese and Austrian institutions. You can find these places in all Austrian wine growing regions, but nowhere else in the world! It dates back to Empress Maria Theresia and Emperor Joseph II who released a decree for wine producers in the year 1784, that they may sell their wine and snacks in their gardens to people walking by. But they were only allowed to offer their own products and nothing else and only for some weeks in the year. This decree is still valid today! In former days the people from the city used to leave the city on Sundays walking, riding or going by coach through the Viennese woods having a nice picnic outside, or they visited the wine growers for a glass of wine. Since the decree has been issued, these places quickly became very popular as it was a source of good food and wine at low prices and nice places to sit in, either in rustic cellars or shady gardens, or directly in the vineyards. As it was a place for „everybody“ it raised more and more to a social and cultural meeting place, where it was easy to get acquainted with others, to have some nice talks and to listen to traditional music. And nothing has changed until today! “Heuriger” is the Viennese expression for the wine of the latest harvest and at the same time it is the name for the places where it is served. “Let’s go to the Heuriger” is the invitation that stands at the beginning of a sociable afternoon or evening full of fun with music and wine adding to the enjoyment of the merry group. The various Heurigen districts are actually located within Vienna’s city limits, but mostly have village character.

Dinner Location

The place we chose to celebrate a typical Austrian Dinner is a marvellous building dating back to the siege of the Turks in the year 1683! In 1970 new owners bought this historical house, rebuilt and revitalized it and gave it a new life! Not only guests from all over the world but also Viennese people appreciate the wonderful wines from their own winery as well as the famous “Heurigenbuffet”, offering various kinds of typical cold and warm Heurigen-dishes. In summer one can sit in the marvellous garden amidst the vineyards of Neustift.

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